Simply Shuffle no impact exercise for weight loss gets 5 STAR reviews.  Simply Shuffle information.


Simply Shuffle NO Impact Exerciser™ has Earned 'Customer Pick' Honor from Network Customers.

The MEGA TV Shopping Channels take pride in the value and quality of products being sold to a loyal customer base. When it comes to the likes of QVC, HSN, TSC, Shop TV and others, happy customers are a must and when it comes to the products they sell - providing exceptional value and quality to create happy customers does seem to be high on the priority list.

For a unique, first time, invention to climb to the honor of 'Customer Pick' status and hold for ten plus weeks - that says much about the invention from actual customers - those who have purchased and experienced use.

" I am extremely appreciative and blessed with the positive response to my Simply Shuffle™. I was happy when my mom gave it thumbs up but to see the Simply Shuffle™ positive reviews coming in from all over and to have held the high honor of 'Customer Pick' status for more than 10 weeks straight …. I am humbled that so many have already experienced the fun benefits of my Simply Shuffle™ shuffle dance." – Ed Gaut, Simply Shuffle Inventor, Fitness Researcher, and author of The Joy of Fitness.

The Simply Shuffle™ no impact exerciser was initially designed as an effective and easy to use no impact exerciser for the inventors 76 year old mom suffering from knee, back and ankle pain. 

The Simply Shuffle™ no impact exerciser uses no electricity, is lightweight, portable, can be stacked in gyms or stored under a sofa & was designed, with certification, to comfortably handle 300 pounds.

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In 3 separate multi person research studies the Simply Shuffle™ was proven by science.

 "The Simply Shuffle™ is a unique NO impact exerciser blending cardio and resistance training. It is the new Eco friendly treadmill promoting an energy efficient and portable NO impact way to weight loss, muscle strengthening, and better posture without lifting the feet." - Dr Bob Girandola an Assoc. Professor, Dept. of Kinesiology U.S.C. 


Simply Shuffle targets largest fat burning muscles without impact. You never lift your feet!

The Simply Shuffle™ no impact exerciser & was developed by 53-year-old Health & Fitness Researcher Ed Gaut. 

"In my nearly 30 years of research & fitness training I have seen what works best & what really doesn't. For the most efficient fat loss & body shaping – our research proves it takes less time to get results when targeting the largest fat burning muscles with consistent manageable resistance while being in an aerobic state."

Simply Shuffle™ took nearly 8 years to develop with inventor self-inflicted challenges of designing an effective exerciser his 76-year-old mother, who suffers from knee & back pain, could use easily, sitting or standing, while generating less impact on her knees and back than walking on a treadmill.

The now 'mom approved' Simply Shuffle™, nonelectric, no impact exerciser allows a user to Simply Shuffle™ their way to weight loss without ever lifting their feet.

Exercise Science Research Director at the OC Testing Center in Santa Ana, California & an Assoc. Professor of Kinesiology at U.S.C., Dr Bob Girandola documented high effectiveness ratings for both beginners & athletes in two separate multiple subject research studies.

Simply Shuffle™ made its Television debut last month on a major Shopping Network (see demonstration on where it quickly climbed to the honor of being a Customer Pick & will be featured on live Television again in September and through the holidays.

Simply Shuffle™ is the first in a series of soon to be available scientifically tested, mother approved, non-electronic, user friendly inventions developed by Fitness Researcher Ed Gaut. "I am passionate about providing affordable, durable & highly effective exercise alternatives for all because my mom and everyone else do not have the time to waste on the many inefficient gimmicks on the market today. Simply Shuffle™."

The Simply Shuffle™ no impact exerciser uses no electricity, is lightweight, portable, can be stacked in gyms & was designed with certification to comfortably handle up to 300 pounds.

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Simply Shuffle inventor & mom. "Less impact on her knees and back than walking on a treadmill."
Simply Shuffle inventor & mom. "Less impact on her knees and back than walking on a treadmill."